Jennifer is an artist. She paints with words. Her stories fill your imagination with a visceral experience that takes you on a journey of the heart. Once you read her stories, they become part of you. They live with you forever.  

~Tommas Michael Matthew Pizzo 


Testimonials for JMK Writing Workshops

Jennifer is a natural teacher, and her easy, straightforward manner is well-suited for teaching a diverse group of students.  With compelling writing examples from a variety of sources and questions that spark energy and ideas, she gently encourages her workshop participants and clearly values their contributions and individuality.  I am grateful to have grown as a writer by attending several of her Rhode Island workshops.    ~Leslie Felker


As a participant in the writing workshop at Peace Dale Library in Rhode Island, I was thoroughly impressed with the presenter, Jennifer Mills Kerr. She had a set topic and agenda, was thoroughly prepared, and provided materials and verbal guidance to facilitate the creative thought process. She was well versed on famous literary works that she referenced in her presentation. Everyone in the workshop was made to feel welcome and encouraged in their writing endeavors. I strongly recommend others to attend her workshops!  ~Theresa Schimmel


Thank you very much for this critique.  Your individual comments were helpful and your overall review was very insightful…I’ve found it to be difficult to receive substantive critiques for my drafts, and this exceeded my expectations.    ~James Maloney


Jennifer’s presentations were well-organized and kept everyone engaged and on topic.  I attended all of them and found her manner encouraging, accessible, and friendly, and observed that attendees responded positively. I would happily recommend her workshops to anyone considering them.   ~Jessica Wilson


I really enjoyed today’s workshop, and honestly got a great deal out of it. You are very good in how you present the material and engage the group in the conversation. I have had a hard time finding writing classes or writers groups in the area, and some of the leaders of groups I have attended are not as professional, engaging and motivating as you are.    ~Mark Gresens

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  1. Ron McKinney Says:

    Very fine story,”Kid,” Jennifer. You kept me guessing about the narrator’s sex for quite a while. Like his sisters, he too rounded up, became three dimensional, long before arriving at the final graph. Jeff’s voice has a distinctly feminine, petulant quality to it from this old misogyinst’s point of view. But you did capture a younger brother, selp-absorbed, almost narcissitic, disdainful of his elder sisters actions and ignorant of their lives, their travails and desires.

    Now, I’m wondering, haven’t we met before in the blogosphere?

  2. saif Says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I am a self-publisher and have recently started a website. I was wondering if I could use some of your material on my website as I was really impressed with your work an I believe they will add a new flavour and attract more readers to my site.


  3. Victor Rivero Says:

    Hi Jennifer!

    Great article (“FIVE REASONS WHY EVERY WRITER NEEDS A WEBSITE”) in Volume XI : Issue 5 of Worldwide Freelance Writer.

    Though I’m a writer who already has a site, I perked up at the headline and read your feature with great interest, even if just to confirm what I already know – and also add to it.

    Very well written, helpful and encouraging.

    Thanks and keep writing!


  4. Pete Adkins Says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Just read your article in this week’s Writers Newsletter. A great piece, with plenty of useful advice – particularly about the aspect of linking back to publications and publishers.


  5. Dr Alexandra Brooks Says:

    Jennifer~ As always it was a pleasure to talk with you today. Read both of the Mused stories. Just loved them. You’ve got “it!” That’s for sure. Always enjoy your writing. Both stories lend themselves to film.(Big or small screen.) Keep us posted on all things Jenn, OK? Looking forward to it!

  6. Ginger Says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I just sent you an email and then clicked on your site. Hmmmm, an avid writer AND reader. Hope to meet you and learn more. Thanks again for contacting me.

  7. carline Says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I just read your article, “Why Writers Should Have a Web Site,” in Worldwide Freelance Writer and wanted to thank you for inspiring me to start writing on my blog again. The article was wonderful. It brought hope to us writers out here who continue to put pen and paper together in our effort to contribute to the everchanging world around us.
    Thank you,

  8. Suman Singh Says:

    Hi Jennifer

    i’ve just read your article on worldwidefreelance and on an impulse read your memoir ‘painting’ coz it got me curious and also because I’m interested in writing memoirs myself. Excellent work. It made me feel that i’m not the only one who existed once in a fractured world. thanks.

  9. Pat Says:

    I loved that book too! (Never Let Me Go)

  10. Anne freakin Everly! Says:

    HelLO? Aplogies up front–I know this is not what the “comment” box is for… but oh well! I am not on Facebook… please email me? Would love to catch up and see how you are. XOX

  11. Chris Hornung Says:

    I read your piece on the three character rule ( and I needed to comment.
    I think you have tapped into something very primordial with that structure. Years ago I was at the University of Wisconsin and I had a stack of used copies of Konrad Lorenz’s “On Aggression” ( that I handed out to undergrads that wanted to pursue studies in Ethology. This book is a wonderful, non-technical, treatise on Animal Behavior focusing on Aggression and Alliances (courtship) in animals. He discusses these interactions in depth. I think you are recommending organizing writing at a very primitive level in our minds. This might be a clue to why your own story telling is so successful.

  12. Jim Says:

    Nancy & I enjoyed your character creating session at the Peace Dale Library this past Saturday. We are not going to be able to attend the Jan 12th session — too many other things going on. However, as soon as I post this comment I am going to sign up for your session on the 19th.

  13. Gale Eaton Says:

    Saturday’s workshop reminded me of a book I’d been meaning to read since hearing the author interviewed on NPR. Maybe this was the interview:

    But it doesn’t do justice to the layering of twentieth-century and seventeenth-century lives, the complex economy of structure, the pain of loneliness and needing and uncertainty and bungling and occasionally getting it right. Huddle plays with truth and falsehood the way La Tour plays with chiaroscuro. You might want to read it.

  14. Alicia Says:

    Hola: we met yesterday (5/18) at the writers workshop. I’m sorry I met you at your last session. I kept thinking about the Prince of Tides, the real “threshold guardian” was his 300+ years of southern culture ( unconscious threshold), the bridge was the conscious one and accidental. I just wanted to share the thought and ask you if you know of writers groups and/or workshops I’n RI or CT. Wish you a good life & good writing. Namaste, Alicia.

  15. Eda Says:

    Hello Jennifer,

    Kudos to your for getting published and sharing your expertise in workshops so that other writers may benefit. I look forward to reading your stories.

    I’m a writer who realizes that as writers we must think like businesspeople and promote each other.

    I’m growing a network (it’s Sydney based for now) for writers where I interview and write about works and projects. I’m loking to expand to 1500 writers, screenwriters, producers, editors, literary agents and publishers in UK, US, Canada and Oz by the end of the year.

    It would be a fantastic honor to have you subscribe to the newsletter and perhaps agree to an interview. The website is:

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!


  16. Tim Shield Says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I got your card off of a billboard when I was in Rhode Island a month or so ago. I have kept it in my wallet and I figured today I would reach out.

    I have a dream of writing this book. I keep starting and stopping and deleting and getting nowhere. I’m not sure exactly how your services work but I would really like some help. I sure need it.

    Is this the kind of thing you do?

    Thanks Jennifer,
    Tim Shield

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