main headshot  really smallMy new program, the Young Writers’ Workshop, is officially launched in September! I’m teaching the language arts class for ninth graders at the Finley Community Center in Santa Rosa.  Tuesdays, 4:00-5:30, year-round.  Tell your friends!

Interested in feedback on your creative work?  See testimonials for JMK Writing Workshops below, and more information at the JMK Workshops, Tutorials, and Consultation link. References from happy writers provided upon request.

Happy writing!

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” -Maya Angelou 

 Testimonials for JMK Writing Workshops

Jennifer is a natural teacher, and her easy, straightforward manner is well-suited for teaching a diverse group of students.  With compelling writing examples from a variety of sources and questions that spark energy and ideas, she gently encourages her workshop participants and clearly values their contributions and individuality.  I am grateful to have grown as a writer by attending several of her Rhode Island workshops.    ~Leslie Felker


As a participant in the writing workshop at Peace Dale Library in Rhode Island, I was thoroughly impressed with the presenter, Jennifer Mills Kerr. She had a set topic and agenda, was thoroughly prepared, and provided materials and verbal guidance to facilitate the creative thought process. She was well versed on famous literary works that she referenced in her presentation. Everyone in the workshop was made to feel welcome and encouraged in their writing endeavors. I strongly recommend others to attend her workshops!  ~Theresa Schimmel


Thank you very much for this critique.  Your individual comments were helpful and your overall review was very insightful…I’ve found it to be difficult to receive substantive critiques for my drafts, and this exceeded my expectations.    ~James Maloney


Jennifer’s presentations were well-organized and kept everyone engaged and on topic.  I attended all of them and found her manner encouraging, accessible, and friendly, and observed that attendees responded positively. I would happily recommend her workshops to anyone considering them.   ~Jessica Wilson


I really enjoyed today’s workshop, and honestly got a great deal out of it. You are very good in how you present the material and engage the group in the conversation. I have had a hard time finding writing classes or writers groups in the area, and some of the leaders of groups I have attended are not as professional, engaging and motivating as you are.    ~Mark Gresens