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Once upon a writer...

Here's where your story begins.
With you and your dream of writing.

I'm a literary editor & coach who guides intuitive writers into greater success. 

I work with writers at every stage of their careers: emerging, experienced, or somewhere in between.

I have over fifteen years experience as a writer, editor & teacher. Here are the groups I've coached:



You work in a service industry & want to make a larger impact through your writing

artists & writers

You're a creative artist who wishes to expand your voice & vision

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You seek ways to enhance your writing through your spiritual gifts

Image by Hannah Olinger

I’ve felt stuck for a long time in my desire to write. In 30 minutes, Jennifer listened and asked me several questions, with incredible insights that uncovered beliefs giving me information, opening me up to what has been standing in my way. I felt heard and met. Oh yes, I signed up. I invite anyone, at any stage of writing to join this class. The time with Jennifer will feed your heart and mind.   -Maggie C., Santa Rosa, California

Are you an intuitive writer?

Intuitive writers discover the story as they write. Very often they're inspired by flashes of images or scenes. They naturally understand symbols and archetypes. Most of all, their writing process is linked to the unconscious, so they feel they channel information. 

My approach is to shed light on how to tap these unique gifts so that you use them to expand your writing. I act as midwife, accountability partner, and support team for you to reach your goals.

Editorial feedback on your work

Discussing what shows up on the page can be incredibly useful for your growth as a writer.

I offer constructive feedback on your writing at whatever stage. The amount of feedback is up to you. I will also point you to books and/or authors that shed light on your own artistic process.  

Complimentary Session

Let's discuss your goals & desires. I can offer feedback on next steps and answer any questions you have. 

My writing, my connection

As an intuitive writer, I've published memoir, fiction, and poetry in literary journals for more than twenty years. For years I struggled with writing outlines, the left-brain approach to crafting creative work. Now, I'm happily writing a novel. When I learned the process that worked for me, I learned to trust the process. 

Tutorials & Workshops for Writers
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