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I'm a  writer, literary editor & coach in Lake County, California. An East Coast native, I love mild winters, anything Jane Austen, and the raucous coastline of Northern California.

My stories, memoir & poetry have been published in various literary magazines over the years--I'm in love with flash fiction, and most recently, reading & writing the 100-word story. Tight writing is my thing.


I have taught and mentored writers for over ten years, working with adults and teenagers wherever I can: schools, libraries, private workshops, after-school programs, adult community education. Mentoring writers is what I love to do. 

My Story

My imagination saved me as kid.  I absolutely loved stories, inventing them, reading them. During my junior year in high school, I fell in love with The Scarlet Letter. Hester Prynne fascinated me. Witchy,  misunderstood, mysterious, she was enthralling! What was behind her facade?

This led to an even more interesting question: what was behind my own? 

After thirty-something years of growing, learning, and learning some more, I'm still enthralled by stories. As an intuitive writer, I discover characters rather than create them on the page. This exciting  process keeps me writing. 

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Professional Training

  • Mindfulness Coaching Certification, My Vinyasa Practice - with Michelle Young (in process)

  • Creativity Coaching Training, Creativity Coaching Association - with Eric Maisel

  • MFA, Creative Writing & Literature, Mills College