Who you are as a person is who you are as a writer. My approach is to work with you in both capacities in order to facilitate your growth and empowerment. 

Image by Annie Lang

"As an arts non-profit professional, juggling my own artwork and the work required to sustain a non profit is challenging. Working with Jen helped me articulate a core artistic inquiry which resulted in a new series of art work.  I am grateful to Jennifer for the creative surprise that emerged and for the support I needed to re-ground myself."


-Lisa K., Middletown, CA



  • I'm available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday afternoons Pacific time.

  • Appointments are 45 minutes in duration.

  • We can meet every week, every other week, or once a month.


  • $90 - individual session

  • $320 - four sessions paid in advance.

  • Editorial outside our sessions is $75 / hour

  • For payments, I use PayPal, Venmo or Zelle.  

Half-Hour Complimentary Session

Let's meet to discuss your goals & desires. I can answer any questions you have & suggest next steps toward your creative success. 

Image by Nick Morrison

My approach

You are unique.

Too often, intutives are dismissed as weird. As an INFJ, I struggled for years, trying to fit into the box, into what I imagined as "normal."  As a coach, my focus is to shed light on your exceptional qualities so you can express yourself authentically.  

You are gifted.

We need more intuitives on the planet, natural healers and innovators who can teach and guide. Recognizing and following your intuitive voice is key for your success. Claiming your intuitive abilities is a process; my job is to validate your natural abilities, coaching you into a new paradigm of creative expression.

You can do it your way & succeed.

Very often, intuitive writers get caught on the idea they're doing it wrong. As a mentor and intutive writer, I can teach you how to tap your unique process so that the writing flows. 

Accountability leads to success

I'm a natural intuitive, but I'm practical as well. That means I act as an accountability partner for you to achieve your goals. We break down larger goals into weekly steps so you can feel productive and confident as you move toward your larger dream.