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Flash, Poetry, Stories

flash & micro fiction

A Strong Man, upcoming in Nightingale & Sparrow, 6/23

Still Life
, The Ekphrastic Review, 8/22

New & Precious Sounds, Bright Flash Literary Review, 6/22

34 Edgefield Road, First Prize

Broadside 100 Word Contest @ Dominican University

Hot & Dusty Winds, Blink-Ink, 6/22

The Book of Regrets, Platform, 3/22 

Souvenir, Friday Flash Fiction, 3/22

Wild Zinnia, Friday Flash Fiction, 2/22

Lost Music, Lake County Bloom, 12/21

One Word, Her Name, Lake County Bloom, 3/21

Hope, Pretty, Dream, Lake County Bloom, 12/20

The Worst Day in My Life Forever, Lake County Bloom, 11/20

Laundry List, Lake County Bloom, 9/20

Burning Hearts, Lake County Record Bee, 9/19

The Color of Silence, Soft Cartel, 4/18

Countdown to Zero, Caper Literary Journal, 2/11

I’m Not Telling Anyone But You, The Rose & Thorn, 1/06

Finding Him Gone, Flashquake, 9/05

Other People's Business, Red Hills Review, 11/04

and all & everything, The Lake County Bloom, 8/22

Emergency Preparedness, Writing in a Woman's Voice, 4/22

The Downward Glance, Writing in a Woman's Voice, 4/22

Of The World Outside, Lake County Bloom, 4/22

Heat & Harvest, Lake County Bloom, 10/21

Ode to a Porch
, Poetry Board @ Tallman, 9/21

Slipstream, Lake County Bloom, 03/21 

Dangerous Grace, Lake County Bloom, 12/20 

Word Embrace with commentary, Lake County Bloom, 10/20 

A Passing Sigh, Kelseyville Poetry Boards, 9/20

The 8:08 with commentary, Lake County Bloom, 6/20

Shelter in Place with commentary, Lake County Bloom, 4/20

short story & memoir
Just Like That, rFishc Literary Journal, 1/12

What Good Secretaries Do, First Leaves Literary Journal, 5/09

The Rooms of Mrs. Howarth, The Dickens Literary Review, 12/05

Magic to It All, Otherwise Caffeinated, 9/11

The Sweet Road of Undoing, Muse Literary Journal, 6/10

A Birdbath's Welcome, Women's Voices, 11/08

, Tryst Literary Journal, 12/05

Tutorials & Workshops for Writers
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