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Poetry Inspired
Writers' Circle

join a supportive
community of writers

The Writers' Circle is for you if you are...

  • Ready to dive deeper into poetry

  • Interested in feedback that helps you revise and review your work

  • Eager to to create a regular writing practice

  • Wanting to be part of a writers' community

  • Done with procrastination around creative work

  • Someone who enjoys conversations about poetry

  • Wishing to add more creativity into your life 

  • An emerging poet, a practiced poet, a closet poet--wherever you are, this circle fosters the discovery of your voice 

Loft Studio


In the Writers' Circle, you will take a deep dive into poetry. Over four weeks, you’ll read, write & revise poems, drawing possibilities for generating new work, opening your poems into further invention, and revising poems to invite surprise and mastery.


You’ll emerge with a good number of new & revised poems, as well as introductions to great poets & a few poet friends.

Writers' Cycle Diagram.png

What We're Doing in Workshop

reading new poems

free writing in class

​revising pieces independently 

sharing your work for feedback in order to revise

recieving support & validation

connecting with other writers & poets

Poets We'll Be Reading in May

For each monthly workshop I choose four poets; one to enjoy each week.

Poets & general themes of their work are below. I offer optional writing prompts based on themes every week.

week 1


Imaginable Escape

 week 2 


Expressing the Body

 week 3 


Natural Revelations

 week 4 


Plainspoken Beauty

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