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I'm a writer & teacher living in Lake County, California. My stories, memoir & poetry have been published in various literary magazines over the years--I'm in love with flash fiction, and most recently, reading & writing the 100-word story. Tight writing is my thing. 

An East Coast native, I love mild winters, anything Jane Austen, and the raucous coast of Northern California. 
In August:
Flash fiction: Still Life to be published in The Ekphrastic Review
Poem: and, all, & everything tol be published in The Lake County Bloom

Why write?

Why teach?

As a kid, I hardly knew anyone who spoke about their feelings or told the truth. My solace was reading stories.  During my junior year, I fell in love with The Scarlet Letter. Hester Prynne was an incredibly strong female character, reserved, misunderstood and mysterious. What was behind her facade?  What was behind my own?  

Growing up within others' silence was challenging, yet also incredibly motivating. I wouldn't be a writer or teacher without that experience. After thirty-something years, I still feel terrified by a blank page--can I really write that?--and at the same time, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to express myself. Every character I discover, whether I'm reading or writing, has a secret to tell, and as their story unfolds, I do too.

My teaching is rooted in helping others discover their own voices. I'm particularly interested in empowering teenagers. Perhaps, like me, they find themselves in a world that doesn't want to hear who they are.  My job is to encourage others to break through the silences imposed on them, which sets us all free.