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Selected Publications


Territories (poetry), Poetry Breakfast, 07/24

A Revelation of Trees (poetry), The Inflectionist Review, summer 2024

Daughter's Housekeeping (poetry), Poetry Breakfast, 06/24


Sudden Storm (poetry), Autumn Sky Daily, 05/24

The Time for Us (poetry), The Eunoia Review, 02/24

The Apology (micro-fiction), 50-word Stories, 01/24

Your Name (poetry), One Art, 01/24

Our Lives Divided (flash fiction), Bright Flash Literary Review, 01/24

A Strong Man (flash fiction), The Sparrow & Nightingale Journal, 06/23


Still Life (flash fiction), Ekphrastic Review, 08/22

New & Precious Sounds (flash fiction), Bright Flash Literary Review, 06/22

Emergency Preparedness (poem), Writing in a Woman’s Voice, 04/22


The Book of Regrets (flash fiction), Platform for Prose, 03/22

Wild Zinnia (flash fiction), Friday Flash Fiction, 02/22

Laundry List (flash fiction), Lake County Bloom, 9/20


The 8:08 (poem), Lake County Bloom, 6/20


What Good Secretaries Do (short story), First Leaves Literary Journal, 5/09


A Bird Bath’s Welcome (memoir), Women’s Voices, 11/08

The Rooms of Mrs. Howarth (short story 1st prize), The Dickens Literary Review, 12/05


Finding Him Gone (memoir), Flashquake Literary Journal, 9/05


Other People’s Business (flash fiction), Red Hills Literary Review, 11/04

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